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The Octave Project

The Octave Project was an experiment in the maturation of whisky in Octave casks. We took a cask of matured whisky from a single distillery, and divided it between four different Octave casks. The Octaves were specially made by coopers for our Project, each Octave used oak staves taken from a larger cask that had previously contained PX Sherry, Oloroso Sherry, Rioja or Rum. One portion of whisky from the original cask was retained to enable a point of comparison.

An Octave holds only 50 litres of whisky allowing amplified wood-to-spirit interaction and providing a short burst of second wood maturation. The maturing casks were carefully monitored over time and at five months, we judged the whisky was ready to be bottled.

Enjoy and compare these intense new flavours alongside the original Bourbon cask… let us know what you think #theoctaveproject

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