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Pulteney Octave Little Dram Sets

The Octave Project
Single Malt Scotch Whiskies

This set of 30ml little dram samples of Pulteney single malt are a result of The Octave Project. The Pulteney spirit was originally matured in a Bourbon Hogshead before being divided between four different Octave casks. Specially commissioned from the coopers for our Project, each Octave used oak staves taken from a larger cask that had previously contained PX Sherry, Oloroso Sherry, Rioja or Rum. One portion of whisky from the original cask was retained to enable a point of comparison.

Enjoy and compare these intense new flavours alongside the original Bourbon cask… savour the major and minor notes.

  • 9 Year Old Pulteney / Original Bourbon Barrel / 58.9% / 30ml
    10 Year Old Pulteney / PX Sherry Octave Finish / 57.5% / 30ml
    10 Year Old Pulteney / Oloroso Sherry Octave Finish / 56.0% / 30ml
    10 Year Old Pulteney / Rioja Octave Finish / 57.1% / 30ml
    10 Year Old Pulteney / Rum Octave Finish / 55.8% / 30ml

  • We've chosen not to include tasting notes with our limited edition Octave whiskies as we’d love to know what you think…

    Share your thoughts on our Experiment in Improvisation using #theoctaveproject

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