Cask Collection No.72


      “Our casks are evaluated over time and are selected for inclusion only when we judge them to have reached the peak of perfection.”

      A bold statement, sure, but what does it mean? Whisky enthusiasts appreciate the increased access to new make spirit, which has grown in tandem with access to the distilleries themselves. However, few if any would deny that this raw, naked spirit is enhanced by maturation in oak. But how long does it need? Is there a sweet spot for this “peak” of maturation? Over the quieter winter months, we have taken time to reflect on our purpose here at A. D. Rattray. And in selecting Collection No.72, we have considered this pursuit of perfection, and how it applies to the curation of our Cask Collection.

      Our cask inventory can be roughly categorised into “young” (3 - 7 years old), “middle-aged” (8 – 17 years old) and “old” (18 or more years old). Just as being old doesn’t guarantee maturity, a young whisky does not necessarily mean it is immature. At just 3, 4 or 5 years old, whisky can have an arresting vibrancy that may dissipate over time. And while whisky in its 20’s, 30’s, or (if you are fortunate enough to try it) its 40’s, is certainly special, in many ways it is a different thing altogether; heavier, more viscous, and of course, more expensive.

      At their best, middle-aged whiskies balance the bright freshness of youth, with the measured complexity of age. Cask Collection No.72 places the focus on this middle-aged group, considering the transition from young to old, and whether there is a “peak” time for bottling. Have we found perfection in any one of these casks? We will leave that for you to decide. In the meantime, we will keep looking for that perfect dram. After all, it’s not always the destination, but the journey that matters.