Cask Collection No. 70


      There is no such thing as the perfect dram (although searching for it is fun…). At A. D. Rattray, our aim is to present whiskies of intrigue and excitement, and always of the highest quality. Much of what we do with our ageing stocks is “hands off”, allowing the whisky to develop and mature at its own pace, and merely checking in to draw a sample every now and again until the cask is deemed ready to bottle. However, sometimes our role is a little more involved. 

      A. D. Rattray’s 70th Cask Collection release celebrates the active role of the independent bottler, where we consider the tools at our disposal to intervene and shape the whisky through blending or finishing, or simply allowing the spirit to flourish with time. Our single cask stock is usually acquired in parcels of 5 or 10 casks filled with distillate from the same run. These are known affectionately as sister casks, and give us the perfect opportunity to experiment and show off the versatility of Scotch whisky. Each cask selected for our 70th release was chosen from a larger parcel, and these sister casks act as a perfect point of reference to consider the pathway taken by each whisky in its journey to bottle.